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We motivate, inspire, and facilitate youth by giving them access to high-quality, relevant education, facilitated by industry mentors.

We are transforming underprivileged young people in Indonesia into a generation of innovators by equipping them with 21st century skills
We empower youth
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We equip teachers with innovative skills from learning experience design to digital skills to facilitate students’ learning process.

We engage industry experts as mentors and co-create our curriculum to deliver the most up-to-date, industry-relevant knowledge.

We empower teachers
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An online UI/UX Design training program for 100 girls and women aged 16-30 to equip them with skills to develop High-Impact User Experiences by conducting research, designing UI, and developing an effective prototype. Participants will be mentored by female industry practitioners who work at startups and tech companies.

SHI Innovation Challenge:
UI/UX Design
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My knowledge and skills regarding 21st century skills improved a lot during the DIC (Digital Innovation Challenge) event. I am very different than I was a year ago. Before I did not know much and I did not even know anything about what exactly I needed to face this century. This is the era where digital technology is a necessity. Participation in the DIC has boosted my creativity and confidence, and this is an opportunity for me to learn new things from professional mentors. From the very start, we were trained to think critically and to be aware of the issues around us.

Amelinda Jingga Cahyaningtyas, SMPN 16 Semarang (DIC 2021)

The DIC (Digital Innovation Challenge) was such an amazing and rewarding experience. At the DIC, I learned a lot of lessons, both hard skills and soft skills. I was very green initially. I did not understand much about programming, UI design, and design thinking. After this program, however, I began to understand and apply these skills. Regarding design thinking, I am now better able to generate ideas and focus on solving issues. I also learned invaluable lessons at the DIC, particularly teamwork and patience. I also apply these skills in my daily life. In addition, thanks to DIC, my communication skills, including expressing my opinion, have greatly improved. Lastly, I can now better understand others’ opinions and see problems from different perspectives.

-Muhammad Fikry Purbo , SMAN 66 Jakarta (DIC 2021)

“I am currently studying management at college and working as a Customer Service Officer. I benefitted greatly from DIC (Digital Innovation Challenge) program. One of them pertains to communication skills. These skills are particularly essential to my job as I have to communicate with all kinds of people. DIC trained me to familiarize myself with public speaking.

-Kristianti, Innovative Solution’s Co-creator of Plastic Solve (DIC 2020)

"After graduating from high school, I continue my study at college, majoring in Information System. DIC (Digital Innovation Challenge) has honed my critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Now I feel that I can be of help to my friends who are facing problems by giving them innovative solutions/ideas to solve their problems. In the future, I hope what I have learned at DIC can help me continue my education to a higher level"

- Muhammad Abyan Satrio, Innovative Solution’s Co-creator of Rubbish to Point (DIC 2020)

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